I am musician, audio developer and sound artist that explores the wide range of existing sound generation and manipulation techniques, from synthetic digital information to raw acoustic sources.

Technical Resume


My early state in Acoustics was at LVA-UFSC where I worked with numerical vibro-acoustics and psychoacoustics.

Later, while working at AIP-TUM, I spent two semesters as a teaching assistant in a course about technical acoustics.

For two years (2018-2020), I worked at Hexagon-FFT in the development, support and maintenance of the Actran Software Suite, as well as in acoustic consultancy projects for different industrial areas.


After my Master studies, I spent 3 years working with audio signal processing research projects related to the development of auditory nerve models, both at LVA-UFSC and at AIP-TUM (where I also worked as a teaching assistant in the course of of signal processing for audio technology).

In the last years, I have been working as an Audio DSP Developer for SoCs at Absolute Audio Labs, a company that provides cutting edge technology for Hearing, Voice & Speech applications with a main focus on people with hearing loss.

Apart from my work activities in the field, I have great interest in audio signal generation/processing methods when applied to sound art/design and music composition. Since I discovered SuperCollider back in 2014, I started studying different synthesis and composition techniques that were later applied to some of my music projects. A few code examples can be found in this repository.

At the end of 2020, I started playing around with VCV Rack, an amazing open-source eurorack modular synthesizer simulator. In 2021, I extended some of my old ideas to an open-source plugin for VCV Rack called Axioma. For all the VCV Rack users, please feel free to subscribe and explore the available modules.


I am self-taught musician that explores different instruments, music genres and composition techniques. In the last decade I was part of live performances, recording sessions, compositions and EP/Album production in different music projects. The main projects are the following:

  • ATMOSFET : A solo electronic music project using modular analog synthesizers, DIY circuits and algorithmic synthesis/processing methods. I independently released two EPs and several videos of live performances;
  • SINTODRAMA : An experimental music duo that focuses on a sonic mixture of acoustic (drums, voice) and electronic (modular synthesizers) sounds processed by real-time algorithmic DSP (Pd, SuperCollider);
  • NEBULA DOGS : Psychedelic Indie Rock band that composed, recorded and produced two full length albums. I played guitar and vocals in the recording sessions and live performances.

Virtual Reality

I had an initial experience working with Virtual Reality during a project from SINTODRAMA, where a multichannel sound piece was created to be presented in a virtual environment through an Oculus app. In this project I explored the existing open-source spatial audio libraries for VR (such as Resonance SDK) and the acquired knowledge inspired me to continue working in this field.


After that, I joined Galatea Interactive, an art and music project soon to be extended to other sound-related VR experiences.


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